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YEEEE HAAAAA “2014 Ontario Portrait Photographer of the Year”

Awards night in Toronto with my beautiful wife Kim
                                                                    Awards night in Toronto with my beautiful wife Kim
My CRAZY son..... apple doesn't fall to far from the tree :)
My CRAZY son….. apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree 🙂


In my life I love to have fun. This is what I bring out in the photos I take.

It’s funny how life brings you things that you don’t always expect. Photography was not my first career, but it’s the right place for me to be now. It is a job that really allows me to be creative and to enjoy what I do. I have worked a few different jobs in my life, and they all served a purpose, but they weren’t fun. Taking pictures and getting to know some amazing clients is a great way to make a living.

I take pride in the quality of my pictures and I love making beautiful images, but the most important side of my work is bringing out the personality of the people that I photograph. On wedding day, I capture the joy of each moment and the happiness in what the day brings.

CLICK HERE to see samples of our Bride and Grooms having FUN on Wedding day 🙂

A Typical Sunday Morning at our House
                                               A Typical Sunday Morning At Our House

I have a family that I love, and being a dad has really taught me to pay attention to the unpredictable things that make moments special. Not all of our family photos are of the traditional happy mom, dad and son, but they are truly personal to who we are. They speak to our personalities and to the fun that can be had in all of life’s moments!

Our Crazy Son at Christmas
                                                                         Our Crazy Son at Christmas

When I work with you on your wedding day you will relax and be totally present in the moments that come. My pictures will truly capture the fun of the day and will always be there as a reminder of how you felt when you celebrated your marriage with your family and friends.

My AMAZING Wife and Son